North East Regional Sexual Exploitation Team

What is NERSE?

NERSE is the North East Regional Sexual Exploitation Team. We are a regional team working on addressing child sexual exploitation in north eastern Manitoba.

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What is child sexual exploitation?

Child or Youth Sexual Exploitation is the act of coercing, luring, or engaging a child under the age of 18 into a sexual act and involvement in the sex trade or pornography, with or without the child’s consent, in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food, protection, or other necessities.

The sexual exploitation of children and youth is a serious concern in Manitoba. Children and youth who have been victims of sexual exploitation are victims of child sexual abuse. It is estimated that hundreds of children and youth are victims of sexual exploitation.

Regional Teams in Manitoba

Regional Sexual Exploitation Teams are working all across the province. These teams are a part of the Manitoba Sexual Exploitation Strategy, Tracia’s Trust.

What do Regional Teams do?

  • network and share information and best practices
  • identify issues of sexual exploitation (looking at the incidences and nature in their communities)
  • develop and implement regional initiatives
  • strengthen local, regional, provincial, and federal partnerships.

The NERSE team has hosted a variety of awareness raising events, especially during the second week of March which is Stop Child Sexual Exploitation Week in Manitoba each year. We have also hosted the Grandmother’s Protecting Our Children Sacred March. These marches take place across the province each September.

Who is NERSE?

The North East Regional Sexual Exploitation Team is currently composed of representatives from:

  • Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre
  • RCMP
  • Wings of Power
  • Hollow Water First Nation
  • Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority
  • Government of Manitoba

The committee members represent communities from Hollow Water to Steinbach and everywhere in between. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team!

For more information about NERSE, view our brochure in English or French and contact:
Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre
Phone: 204-753-5353

Local Resources

For more information on where to seek help regarding exploitation and human trafficking in Manitoba, visit Human Trafficking Hotline Information or call 1-844-333-2211.

For 24/7 emergency support in north eastern Manitoba, report sexual violence to the RCMP detachment or the Emergency Room and Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing (SARAH) workers will be available to provide crisis counselling, support, and referrals.

You can also meet with a crisis counsellor in Pinawa Monday – Thursday by making an appointment by calling the Survivor’s Hope office, 204-753-5353.


Links to sexual exploitation materials have been included to provide background information on the issue with additional relevant documentation about the Manitoba Sexual Exploitation Strategy.