Third Party Reporting

Third Party Reports (TPRs) are a way of reporting a sexual assault to police, while the survivor remains anonymous. Police can use the information within the report to track trends or patterns and identify repeat offenders. Survivor’s Hope staff and SARAH Crisis volunteers can assist in completing TPRs and submitting them to police on behalf of survivors.


Third Party Reporting FAQ

Q: Is a Third Party Report the same as a police statement?
A: No. A police statement must be completed with police and your identifying information must be provided. TPRs are completed with community agencies, “third party” to police, but also cannot be used as evidence to lay charges.

Q: How much information do I have to provide in a Third Party Report?
A: As much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The document asks questions about yourself, the offender, and details of the offence. You can choose to leave blank any of these areas.

Q: What if the sexual assault happened to a person under 18?
A: If a child was assaulted, we have a duty to report this to child and family services. They will likely choose to involve police, so a TPR would not be appropriate in this case.

Q: What happens to the TPR after it is complete?
A: The staff member or SARAH Crisis volunteer will securely fax the documents to Klinic Community Health Centre in Winnipeg. Klinic will then send the information to RCMP to review. Survivor’s Hope keeps any documents containing your identifying information.

Q: Will they ever find out it was me who made the report?
A: Only if you want them to. If the RCMP would like more information about the report for an investigation, they may choose to contact Klinic regarding the file. If Klinic contacted Survivor’s Hope, we would first reach out to you and gain your consent to share your information. You are allowed to say no and if you do, your information will not be shared.

Q: Can I still decide to make a formal police statement later?
A: Absolutely. Completing a TPR does not remove any of your other options. You can choose to report directly to police in the future, if you want to.

To get connected with someone to complete a Third Party Report at a comfortable location within your community, or for more information, please call 204-753-5353 or e-mail