Digital Accessibility

All underlined text throughout our website are clickable links.

If you use assistive technology (such as a Braille reader, a screen reader, or TTY) and the format of any material on this website interferes with your ability to access information please contact us at or 204-753-5353 so we can assist you.

Posts on our social media posts often include alternative text. Should a post be missing this, please let us know.

Physical Accessibility

Our office is located at 10-24 Aberdeen Avenue in Pinawa.  This building includes an accessibility ramp and automatic doors at the south-west entrance, priority parking, wide hallways, and no significant obstacles.

Our office room has an open floorplan with various seating options including rolling office chairs, a rocking chair, couch, and fabric back chairs without arms.

Our office is a scent aware space, variable lighting, quiet, and confidential from outside noise.

Service animals are welcomed. Support persons are welcome to attend counselling sessions – confidentiality will be reviewed respective to the scenario.

Multi-person binary washrooms are located in the south hallway and include an accessible stall.

An image of our office space that includes a couch to the left, two green fabric chairs, a bookshelf, desk, and rocking chair.

We cannot guarantee full accessibility in other locations that we may conduct programs and services, however, at every opportunity we work to ensure we are meeting the needs of anyone to access our services and reduce barriers.

Should a barrier be presented, we encourage this information to be shared, so that we may make the necessary changes.

Print Accessibility

Our printed materials strive to be high contrast with large, legible print.

Should you require digital copies of materials, many can be accessed here: Resources

Should there be further that we can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 204-753-5353

Audio & Language Accessibility

Some of our programs and services may be available in French, by request. Our print and digital materials are currently available only in English.

Crisis services at Interlake-Eastern Regional hospitals are available with interpretation in many languages.

Videos uploaded to our website or social media contain captions whenever possible.

Sign language interpretation will be arranged as needed.

Counselling service are available in-person, by phone, or virtually, striving to reduce barriers for those with auditory, visual, or neurological differences. Please inform us of any accommodation we may be able to offer to ensure the best relationship with your SARAH Counsellor.