Support for Festivals

What we know:

  • Incidences of sexual violence (rape, harassment, groping, verbal assaults) are more prevalent at music festivals & community festivals especially where nightlife activities occur
  • Incidences of sexual violence further increase when drugs and alcohol are involved
  • Those who experience sexual violence are further harmed if immediate support is not available to them
  • Music & community festivals exist as small communities, which require thoughtful attention to creating safety for its attendees
  • Festival goers feel safer when they feel assured festivals were creating a culture of care and preferred wellness, health and community resources to be present, rather than an increased presence of security personnel or surveillance

What we do:

  • Support festivals to increase competency for their staff & volunteers through training opportunities¬†¬†
  • Provide on-the-ground crisis support in collaboration with festivals, to immediately respond to incidences and support attendees in distress
  • Liaise with local RCMP or security personnel to coordinate safety measures
  • Promote our presence at the festival, to enhance feelings of safety for attendees & assure the public is aware of the festival’s efforts to support their attendees
  • Attend vendor villages, distributing resources & information
  • Collaborate with other community resources like REES (if applicable)

How to reach us:

If you are a festival organizer, particularly in the Interlake-Eastern area (which includes Selkirk, Gimli, Winnipeg Beach, Stonewall, Victoria Beach & East Beaches, Ashern, Eriksdale, Teulon, Arborg, Oakbank, Beausejour, Powerview, Bird’s Hill, and more), and would like to enhance the safety & wellness resources available, please contact us.

Phone: 204-753-5353


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