Reaching Out

Engaging communities, empowering individuals, and equipping a safe world for all

About Reaching Out

Reaching Out works with communities and service providers to improve support for survivors and victims of sexualized violence and relationship abuse.

Our objective is to provide relevant information by being responsive to the needs of community members and offer resources through various means to increase awareness of victims, secondary victims, youth, community members, community groups, and service providers.

We deliver general presentations or customized training events on a wide variety of topics related to sexualized violence, exploitation, relationship abuse, and trauma. We also share content through social media and printed materials. We want to empower everyone to offer hope and safety to those affected by sexualized violence.

Reaching Out connects with the community through:

  • Girls’ Group Mentorship programming in Powerview and Sagkeeng
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment training and consultation
  • Variety of printed resources (brochures, posters, information cards, resource guides, etc)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Resource library hosted by Pinawa Public Library (accessible via inter-library loans)
  • hosting educational and awareness-raising events
  • Articles in regional newspapers
  • Inter-agency network meetings

If you or your organization is interested in receiving more information on anything related to sexual violence or healthy relationships, please contact Candice Perry, Reaching Out Program at

Girls' Group Mentorship

Empowering Young Girls

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Girls’ Group Mentorship is run by Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre in Sagkeeng and Powerview schools. The program’s goal is to build empowerment and leadership in young girls with support from the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Mentoring is the presence of a caring individual who provides a young person with support, friendship, encouragement, and constructive role-modeling over time. Girls’ group mentorship works to create a supportive environment where girls can make connections that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.


North East Regional Sexual Exploitation Team

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NERSE is the North East Regional Sexual Exploitation Team. We are a regional team working on addressing child sexual exploitation in north eastern Manitoba.

The sexual exploitation of children and youth is a serious concern in Manitoba. Children and youth who have been victims of sexual exploitation are victims of child sexual abuse. It is estimated that hundreds of children and youth are victims of sexual exploitation.

Needs Assessment Project

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A project designed to gather detailed information about the needs of north eastern Manitoba regarding sexualized violence. We surveyed community members, service providers, and survivors of sexualized violence and asked them about what our region is lacking and what additional resources and information our communities need.

Workplace Sexual Harrassment

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The #MeToo Movement has shone a light on the need for more education and awareness on workplace sexual harassment. We are all a part of creating a respectful culture, and more specifically, each employer is responsible for creating a respectful workplace culture. We have created resource folders for small businesses and we offer free customized presentations and consultations on how to create an effective policy that works for your workplace.