Sexual Assault Discussion Initiative

About SADI

SADI (Sexual Assault Discussion Initiative) Program is an education resource for schools in Interlake-Eastern Manitoba providing workshops on topics including healthy self-esteem, gender, media literacy, internet safety and exploitation, mental health and trauma, healthy relationships, and sexual violence.


Our workshops for students are guided by the learning outcomes from the Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum. We offer workshops for grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 students.

Grade 6 student workshops

Workshop 1: How our Emotions Help us Build Healthy Relationships and Maintain Personal Boundaries
Workshop 2: Gender and Media Literacy – Deconstructing Advertising
Workshop 3: The Responsible Bystander: Face to Face and Online

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Grade 8 student workshops

Workshop 1: Healthy Relationships/Healthy Self Esteem
Workshop 2: Gender & Media
Workshop 3: Internet Safety and Exploitation

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Grade 10 student workshops

Workshop 1: Self Esteem and Personal Power
Workshop 2: Respect and Communication in Relationships
Workshop 3: Sexual Harassment and Homophobia

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Grade 12 student workshops

Workshop 1: Dating Violence and Patterns of Abuse
Workshop 2: Sexual Assault: Facts and Fiction
Workshop 3: Stress and Our Mental Health

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Stress and Our Mental Health Workshop 

Kicking off this school year, we would like to start by offering all classes a tailored engaging workshop specifically designed to address Stress and Our Mental Health. This is being offered in addition to traditional SADI Workshops we currently offer for grades 6,8, and 10. We want to acknowledge the pandemic has impacted our lives in so many different ways, bringing up feelings we may or may not have ever encountered before. So in this light we would like to take the time to offer hope and healing for all students recognizing, we are all experiencing this challenging journey together. This interactive workshop is approximately 60 – 75 minutes long.

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All workshops are approximately 65 minutes long and are delivered in the order listed. Each workshop builds on the information provided in the previous workshop.

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Schools in the Interlake-Eastern area of Manitoba interested in learning more about our workshops are encouraged to contact us at More detailed workshop outlines with associated learning outcomes can be provided.

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