SARAH Crisis Program

Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing (SARAH) 24/7 Crisis Program

It isn’t easy finding emotional support following an experience of sexual violence. It is best to chose someone (family, friend, crisis worker) who can provide the following: confidentiality, unconditional support for decisions, non-judgmental attitude, dependability and availability when needed, and advocacy with other professionals.

The Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing (SARAH) Crisis program provides support 24/7 to individuals reporting a historical or recent sexual assault at RCMP detachments and hospital emergency departments in the Interlake-Eastern region of Manitoba.

How can SARAH workers help?

SARAH Workers are available 24/7 and can support a sexual violence survivor by providing the following services:

  • Emotional support for the survivor and those affected by sexual assault. Those affected by sexual violence may be a family member, partner, loved one, friend or acquaintance of the survivor.
  • Options regarding legal and medical involvement with emphasis on the right of the survivor to make their own choices
  • Hospital accompaniment and support
  • Forensic examination explanation
  • Support through police statement taking
  • Assistance completing Third Party Reports
  • Information on sexual assault trauma and what to expect physically and emotionally following an assault
  • Information on the SARAH program and connection to our SARAH Counsellors for follow-up support
  • Clothing to leave the hospital or RCMP with
  • Personal grooming items to use before leaving the hospital

Who are SARAH Workers?

SARAH crisis volunteers have varied life, education and work experiences, but all see the value of supporting survivors of sexual violence. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old, able to deal with people in crisis in a calm, empathetic, and non-judgmental manner, and have excellent communication and listening skills.

All of our SARAH Workers receive comprehensive training and attend monthly in-services.
The application process involves completing an application form, attending an in-person interview and providing two reference checks. A current Criminal Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Check (RCMP) must be presented prior to the start of training. Applicants will also be required to complete applications for a Child Abuse Registry Check and an Adult Abuse Registry Check.

To find out more about becoming a SARAH Worker view our Volunteer page or call our office at 204-753-5353.

How does someone connect with a SARAH worker?

Use the map below to find hospital & RCMP locations where SARAH support & Third Party Reporting assistance is available. When a survivor arrives to one of these locations, they can ask for a “SARAH worker from Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre” to be called on their behalf and we will arrive as soon as possible.

To arrange for us to meet there, or talk through options before making a decision, please contact us directly at 204-753-5353 or

If you are medical personnel or an RCMP member at a location within the Interlake-Eastern area not shown above, and would like to be able to access the SARAH Crisis program for survivors you work with, please call 204-753-5353 or e-mail