The SARAH program provides sexual assault crisis intervention services, hospital accompaniment and support, follow-up support, and referrals to regional service providers. SARAH programs are operating out of the Pinawa Hospital, Pine Falls Health Complex, and Beausejour District Hospital 24/7.

How can the SARAH program worker support the sexual assault survivor?

It isn’t easy finding emotional support following a sexual assault. It is best to chose someone (family, friend, crisis worker) who can provide the following: confidentiality, unconditional support for decisions, non-judgmental attitude (this was not your fault), dependable and available when needed, advocate with police, social workers, forensic examiners, lawyers.

The SARAH program worker can support the sexual assault survivor by providing the following services:

  • Emotional support for the survivor and secondary victims of sexual assault.  A secondary victim may be a family member, partner, loved one, friend or acquaintance.
  • Options regarding police and medical involvement with emphasis on the right of the survivor to make his/her own choices
  • Hospital accompaniment and support
  • Forensic examination explanation
  • Support through police statement taking
  • Information on sexual assault trauma and what to expect physically and emotionally following an assault
  • Information on the SARAH program and referrals to other organizations providing follow-up support
  • Report to C.F.S. when children are at risk or need support
  • Clothing to leave the hospital following a forensic examination if clothing was seized for evidence
  • Personal grooming items to use before leaving the hospital
  • Follow-up contact to ensure the survivor’s well-being and safety

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