Protection Orders

Some of our staff are “Protection Order Designates” (PODs), meaning they have been specially trained and verified by Manitoba Justice to be able to help people apply for protection orders (PO) and support them during the judicial process.

As PODs, we can help provide insight into the process of applying for a protection order and on what the Judicial Justice of the Peace (JJD) will be looking for in order to grant a PO, as well as safety planning and information on other options.

What is a protection order?

(from Manitoba Justice) 

A Protection Order is a court order, granted on an urgent basis in cases of domestic violence or stalking, forbidding the respondent from having contact with the applicant. These orders are granted by a JJP and can contain all or some of these specific conditions:

  • The respondent may not communicate with you or contact you directly or indirectly.
  • The respondent may not come near any place that you or a specified person happen to be or regularly attend, such as your home, job, school, or place of worship.
  • The respondent may not follow you or any specified person.
  • The respondent must turn over any weapons to the police, and the police can search for and seize weapons.
  • The respondent must give you temporary possession of your necessary personal belongings
  • You may have the help of a police officer to get your personal belongings.
  • You may have the help of a police officer to remove the respondent from your home.

Who can apply for a protection order?

Protection orders are only granted to individuals 18 years of age and older who have experienced domestic violence or stalking, who reasonably fear for their safety, and believe that the violent behaviour is continuing or escalating.  POs may also be applied for on behalf of children (17 and younger) who experienced the above.

You do not have to be a current participant of Survivor’s Hope in order to access support from our PODs.

“Domestic violence” refers to harm experienced by someone the individual has dated, is a family member, or has a child with.  This can include an intentional or reckless act or omission that causes bodily or property harm, neglect, psychological or emotional abuse, confinement, or sexual abuse.  

“Stalking” refers to unlawful following, unwanted conduct, harassment, threats, continuous and unwanted communication directly or indirectly (through another person), or watching place of work or home.  This behaviour may take place in-person or electronically and a previous intimate relationship does not have to be a factor. 

How does someone apply for a Protection Order?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we can begin the process of applying for a protection order, or, answer any questions.

  • 204-753-5353

To apply and proceed through the court hearing, an individual needs:

  • Identification (photo ID preferred)
  • The ability to provide specific details and facts about their experience to prove to the JJP the PO is necessary. This should include dates, times, locations, and information about the most specific incidence
  • Sufficient time to complete the application and attend to the courthouse to submit. This may occur over 2 days, attending to the courthouse taking the majority of a day
  • (if applicable) childcare during the proceedings – children are not allowed in hearings