SADI Grade 12

Click here for the SADI Grade 12 covid handout which is a workshop summary PDF

Workshop 1: Dating Violence and Patterns of Abuse
Workshop 2: Sexual Assault: Facts and Fiction
Workshop 3: Emotional Wellness and Self-Efficacy

Additional Resources

Click here for a mental health meter – take time to answer the questions and see how you’re doing!

This video defines mental wellness and how it is different from mental illness

This comic, On a Plate: a short story about privilege illustrates how the factors we can’t control can have huge impacts on us and on others. We have to practice self compassion and slow down before we judge others.

Click here for information on consent from the RCMP

These videos are great! The consent is like tea video and the “victim blaming is awful” video.

Take this quiz and find out of YOU are a good partner! How healthy are you in relationships?

Learn more about dating violence from Teen Talk

Check out this safety planning guide if you or someone you know needs to plan for safety in a dangerous relationship

Check out many great things on these websites

Kids Help Phone has lots of mental health resources and support

Teen Talk has a lot of info on healthy relationships and sexuality

Love is Respect is about healthy relationships and how to recognize abuse