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Have you or has anyone you know experienced sexual violence, or have you heard about someone experiencing sexual violence in your community?

Let’s Talk About SARAH

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre Inc. (SHCC) is a sexual violence resource centre serving those of all genders in the Interlake-Eastern Region of Manitoba. We’re here to empower survivors, offering resources and healing opportunities to our communities.

I Want Support

How can I reach the Survivor's Hope team?

How can SARAH help?

The Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing (SARAH) Program provides free, confidential support services, including 24/7 crisis support, long-term counselling, support groups, advocacy, and referrals to those affected by sexual violence in Interlake-Eastern Manitoba.

SARAH Counselling and Support provides free, long-term counselling and support groups to anyone 13 years of age and older residing in the Interlake-Eastern Region of Manitoba who has experienced teen or adult sexual violence or loves someone who has.

SARAH Crisis Program provides 24/7 support to individuals reporting a historical or recent sexual violence at RCMP detachments and emergency departments in Interlake-Eastern Manitoba.

What is Third Party Reporting?

Third Party Reporting (TPR) is a way of reporting sexual violence to police while the survivor remains anonymous. Survivor’s Hope staff and SARAH Crisis volunteers can assist in completing TPRs and submitting them to police on behalf of survivors.

For more information: Third Party Reporting

How can I reach Klinic's 24/7 Crisis Line?

Klinic offers a 24-hour Manitoba-wide sexual assault crisis line and third-party police reporting for those in Winnipeg at 1-888-292-7565 (24/7 Crisis Line)

What is SADI?

The Sexual Assault Discussion Initiative (SADI) Program is an education resource for schools in Interlake-Eastern Manitoba, funded by the Manitoba Government’s Gender-Based Violence Prevention program. SADI provides workshops for grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 students on topics including healthy self-esteem, gender, media literacy, internet safety and exploitation, mental health and trauma, healthy relationships, and sexual violence.

To learn more, contact us at

What is Reaching Out?

We strongly believe that prevention is the key to eliminating sexual and gender-based violence and are proud to educate other service providers and corporate workplaces, as well as support families through education opportunities.

Through Reaching Out, we deliver general presentations or customized training events on a wide variety of topics related to sexualized violence, exploitation, relationship abuse and trauma.

For more information or to schedule a workshop on anything related to sexual violence or healthy relationships, please call our office at 204-753-5353 or visit our Workshop page.For additional resources, please visit our Resources page.

I Want to Disclose

How do I report an incident of sexual violence?

If you, or someone you know, has experienced sexual violence and are considering making a formal disclosure to police, hospital, or Child and Family Services (CFS), we are here to walk with you through the process. We can help you choose who to tell, understand what to expect, and support you along the way.

Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing) SARAH workers are available to provide the following:

  • Emotional support for yourself or anyone else affected by sexual violence. Those affected by sexual violence may be a family member, partner, loved one, friend or acquaintance.
  • Provide information on medical & legal options, assisting you in making informed decisions.
  • Hospital accompaniment and information on forensic examinations and medical procedures.
  • Support through police statement taking.
  • Assistance completing Third Party Reports.
  • Advocacy, ensuring your rights and needs are forefront when interacting with service providers.
  • Information on community resources and services available, including our SARAH Counselling program for follow-up support.
  • Clothes and personal grooming items to leave the hospital or RCMP with.
  • Respect and preservation of privacy of personal information as required by Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), in accordance with the Child and Family Services Act.

You can ask for a SARAH Worker 24/7 at any RCMP detachment or hospital emergency room throughout the Interlake-Eastern area, and we will arrive as soon as possible.

If you would like to arrange for us to meet you there or talk through your options before making a decision, please contact us at 204-753-5353 or

I Want More Information

What is sexual violence?

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual activity where either party does not actively indicate consent. Silence or passivity does not equal consent.

Sexual activities are not limited to person-to-person contact — they include any sexual activity, like sharing intimate photos or other sexually explicit material without consent. If someone forces you to participate in any type of sexual activity without your permission or consent, it is sexual violence.

We work beyond the scope of the Criminal Code definition of sexual assault, recognizing that any instance of sexual violence can be incredibly impactful, regardless of the legal definition.

For more information on sexual violence and consent, explore resources from Klinic Community Health and the Province of Manitoba

I Want to Help

How can I support a friend or loved one?

When providing support for someone who has experienced sexualized violence, here are some important points to help guide you:

Believe them.

Make it clear that you believe them and that this is not their fault.

Empower them.

Listen to them without judgment or giving advice.

Maintain confidentiality.

It is not your story to tell. Let them decide who they tell about their experience.

Respect their choices.

Remember that there are many reasons why someone may choose not to report their experience to the police, and there is no wrong decision.

Note: If the survivor is under 18 years of age, there is a legal obligation to report this experience to Child and Family Services at 204-944-4200

Resources for You and Them

If they need any other help or support, counselling or information we have resources available, or you can contact the Klinic Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 1-888-292-7565.

Additional Survivor’s Hope Resources

How can I donate or volunteer?

When you donate or volunteer with Survivor’s Hope, you’re supporting a community to empower survivors of sexual violence and helping to build safer communities through education, support and resources.

To support Survivor’s Hope, visit our Donate page. To find out more about becoming a SARAH Worker, view our Volunteer page or call our office at 204-753-5353.

How can I learn more?

Our workshops are developed with the intention of mitigating the effects of sexual violence in our communities, shifting cultural perspectives and reducing stigma experienced by survivors.

The content reflects research and articles not limited to peer-reviewed journals, survivor voices, statistical data, best practices and ethics of mental health professional designations, the Canadian Criminal Code, and harm reduction principles.

If you are interested in having us present a workshop to a group, either in-person or by virtual means, we look forward to hearing from you. We are available to consult with you on the needs of the group you are working with and customize workshops to best meet those needs. Fees vary based on location, group size, and customization.

For more information or to schedule a workshop on anything related to sexual violence or healthy relationships, please call our office at 204-753-5353 or visit our Workshop page.

How can I become an advocate?


The Rural Manitoba Sexual Assault Response Network (RMSARN) is an assembly of experts working in the field of gender-based violence in rural Manitoba. The purpose of the RMSARN is to increase cooperation among service providers who come into contact with survivors of gender-based violence in a way that builds the capacity of such organizations to recognize gaps, improve access, meet the needs of communities, and work to ensure delivery is efficient and effective.

If your organization is interested in joining the RMSARN, please contact


The North East Regional Stop Sexual Exploitation Team (NERSE) is a regional team working on addressing child sexual exploitation in north eastern Manitoba, along with other Regional Teams in Manitoba working across the province, and supported by Tracia’s Trust.

For more information about NERSE, contact Coral Kendel, NERSE Chair at 204-272-8835 (direct line) or

When our communities acknowledge that sexual violence happens, it makes it safe for survivors to come forward. Your role as a Friend of SARAH is to listen and stand by them when they do.

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