Our Team

photo of Coral

Hello! I am Coral Kendel (she/her), Executive Director at Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre.  I come to Survivor’s Hope with a fierce passion for working in mental health, with gender-based issues, and from trauma-informed, Feminist perspectives.

I am a registered social worker and have experience working in mental health program delivery and development in the Interlake-Eastern region of Manitoba, where I also reside, and strongly believe in the power of these communities.  My hands and mind are always busy knitting, watching horror movies, and raising two adventurous boys.

I hope that alongside this incredible team at Survivor’s Hope, we can further grow our programs to provide accessible, inclusive, and timely support to many more individuals as we work towards ending sexual violence.


Photo of LP

I’m LP (they/them), one of the SARAH Counsellors. In this role, I work with people to achieve their definition of healing from sexual assault trauma and find hope together.

I come with 13 years counselling experience, and use systems, trauma informed, empowerment and anti-oppression lenses.

I am a big fan of finding self-care that fits each individual; for me it’s been yoga, rotating kinds of exercise, getting into nature, making okay art, cat cuddles, plant based cooking, tattoos and finding that perfect song to dance to.


photo of Kristen

Hello! My name is Kristen Lobay (Ze/Hir). Joining Survivor’s Hope, through our SARAH team as a volunteer in April 2019, truly sparked a new direction. Inspiring my deep-seeded commitment to advocacy, and my passion for empowering the thoughts and voices of others, I accepted my current position as Youth Program Facilitator in September 2019. Embracing this role of many hats, I deliver SADI Workshops in schools, lead the delivery of our SADI Mentorship Program, and coordinate program delivery as the SADI Workshop Scheduler.

Through enthusiasm and creativity, my goal is to create a safe, comfortable, and engaging learning environment that fosters brave learning spaces. I believe in celebrating the strengths and gifts of our young people. I am dedicated to support and walk beside both their individual and collective exploration journeys to discover their authentic selves.


photo of RaymondeHi, my name is Raymonde Richards (she/her).  I joined Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre in October 2021 as a Youth Program Facilitator and  deliver SADI Workshops in schools as well as the Mentorship Program for young girls and gender diverse individuals.  I feel very honored to have been chosen for this role as it has been my drive in life to help others through education by teaching love, patience and understanding.  I have always believed that it takes a community to help raise our children and I am thankful for others who help guide my children as well and I have the pleasure of returning the same guidance to others.

I am a proud mom to three biological children and three bonus children.   I love my family life, teaching and learning from my children, taking joy in their happiness, and supporting them through the difficult times.  To care for myself so I can continue to be a grounded support I enjoy reading or going for a long quiet drive.


photo of NatashaHello, I’m Natasha (she/her). I have joined the Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre as their Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator. I look forward to creating lasting relationships in the community with RCMP, hospitals and centres and look forward to helping expand our resources to the western side of the Interlake. As Volunteer Coordinator, I schedule volunteers, provide information, create packages, and help recruit new volunteers.

I have a Bachelor of Human Ecology in Family Social Sciences with a concentration in Family Violence. I have always been passionate about helping people which led me to this type of schooling. I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, walks with my dog, spending time with my nieces and nephews and curling in the winter months.


Bonjour/Tansi/Hello My name is Chantal Shibata, (she/her). I recently joined Survivor’s Hope after being a stay at home parent and homemaker for the past few years. My education background is a combo of certificates such as Human Resource Management, Management Development, Health Care Aide, and Herbalist studies.

As a survivor of abuse and mental health issues, I am excited to be of assistance in helping to provide information and presentations to our communities and peoples on the amazing programs and support we offer. My commitment to feminist causes, mental health awareness and spreading hope and love to people is why I joined Survivor’s Hope.

I call myself an old soul as you will most likely find me reading, baking bread, drinking tea in the kitchen while cross stitching, playing board and card games with my son and husband or foraging for plants and mushrooms.


Photo of RichelleHi, my name is Richelle Ritchot (she/her).  I joined Survivors Hope Crisis Centre in March 2021 as Finance and Office Administration Clerk. I look forward to being a part of and supporting this incredible team.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. I enjoy living close to the water and all that comes with that lifestyle. Water sports, swimming and fishing are all a family favorite pastime.