Thank you Lac du Bonnet!

April 19-25 was National Victims of Crime Awareness week. In 2009, nearly 25% of Canadians reported being the victims of crime. Crime in some form or another is likely to impact every single Canadian at some point in our lives.

During Victims Week and Sexual Assault Awareness month, we want to draw attention to sexual violence as a criminal offence. It is not just an unfortunate by-product of relationships or gender – it is a crime. No one ever deserves to experience violence and it is not a part of life we need to accommodate, even though the rates of occurrence are high. We can all work toward a safer and healthier future.

Even town councils can play a part in standing up for victims and offering support. We want to send a big grateful shout-out to the town of Lac du Bonnet! On April 9, 2015, the town council passed resolution 64/15 in support of victims week. They took a stand to support victims because crime does not just affect one person – it impacts families and entire communities.

Thank you Lac du Bonnet for resolving “to remain committed to addressing and advancing victim issues”!!

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