Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s SADI Program Starting Again in September


With fall just around the corner, that means that school will be starting up again and Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s SADI Facilitators will be back in the classroom running the SADI Program. The SADI Program offers age-appropriate workshops in grade 6, 8, 10 and 12 classrooms in schools in the North Eastman region. The SADI Program has strong partnerships with schools within the region as the program has been running since 2004. The goal of delivering the SADI workshops is to prepare youth for strong, healthy and respectful relationships. These workshops address topics such as boundaries, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, self-esteem, body image, ways of coping with stress, media literacy, internet safety, communication in relationships, assertive communication, gender stereotypes, respect in relationships, sexual harassment and sexual assault, consent, and dating and sexual violence.


The SADI Facilitators use interactive activities to introduce the topics to the youth and keep them engaged in the content. The workshops build off of each other throughout the year as there are several workshops delivered in each grade. While some of the topics can be sensitive for the students, SADI Facilitators create a welcoming, open environment where students can ask questions and feel supported. Students and teachers also give feedback so that the SADI Facilitators can update content or presentations as needed from year to year. The Program is guided by the learning outcomes from the Manitoba Physical Education and Health Curriculum. The SADI Program offers important information so that students can identify healthy relationships and can tell the difference between an unhealthy and an abusive relationship. Students receive appropriate resources to get help for themselves or others if they see this happening to someone they know. For more information on the SADI Program visit the Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre website at


Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre provides crisis intervention, support, and information to survivors and secondary victims of sexualized violence in eastern Manitoba. The SARAH Program provides sexual assault crisis intervention services 24/7 out of Pinawa Hospital, Beausejour District Hospital and Pine Falls Health Complex. Survivor’s Hope also runs a drop in office at the Winnipeg River Learning Centre in Powerview-Pine Falls on Mondays from 12:00 – 5:00pm where a Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Worker is available to provide support and information. The SADI Program which works directly with students in the classroom to prepare them for strong, healthy and respectful relationships. For more information please visit the Survivor’s Hope Facebook page, website at or call 204-753- 5353.

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