Summer Safety

dock_the-lake-lifecomSummer is finally here! After a long, cold, and dark winter of bundling up and worrying about road conditions, summer is a time to relax. We can open the windows, let down our hair, and breathe deeply the warm sunny air. We have traded in our snowsuits and ice scrapers for sunscreen and bug spray, and I think we traded up!

Summer brings people out of their homes. We no longer need to stay inside near a reliable heat source! We can venture out and get reacquainted with our communities. This is why we have so many parties, vacations, and community festivals!

With all this increased fun, we still have to remember to stay safe. Summer is the time when crime rates go up. According to a new report out of the US, there is a significant increase in violent crime during the warmest months of the year. Because we are all out and about, we are actually at greater risk of being victimized; this includes increased risk of becoming victims of sexual assault.

The flip side to being at greater risk of victimization is that some of us are more likely to be the perpetrators of crime. The vast majority of us, however, will not be victims or perpetrators, but rather we will be bystanders. No matter which group we are part of, we all need to work at maintaining our own safety and the safety of others.

If you know that someone has been sexually assaulted, try not to turn a blind eye. Be a part of making that situation better. See if you can help ensure that the victim gets the help they need. Contact the RCMP if you need to report a crime. Seek out medical attention for any health related concerns. The RCMP or hospital staff can put you in touch with a SARAH worker, who can meet you at the hospital and provide emotional support and relevant information to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault.

The community events that we attend in the summer are a reminder that we are all connected to the same place and we all have a part to play in making our communities great. We can all make this a fantastic and safe summer for everyone in our communities. Be safe and have fun!

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