Red Light Green Light Film Event!

redlightgreenlightbannerSurvivor’s Hope Crisis Centre is hosting a documentary film screening in Beausejour and we invite you to join us!

The documentary film we are bringing to Beausejour is called Red Light Green Light. It is the journey of two filmmakers seeking out answers about how to best help those who are sexually exploited. I am thrilled that the filmmakers, Michelle and Jay Brock will be at the film screening as well!  Michelle and Jay have created a charity called Hope for the Sold, made a film about sex trafficking in Canada, and now they are touring across Canada sharing their new film with as many Canadians as possible!

Michelle wrote to me that “Canada is at a crucial moment in its history regarding prostitution laws,” and she’s right! On December 20 2013, Canada struck down its prostitution laws and the Supreme Court has given us one year to come up with new laws. How to address sexual exploitation and human trafficking is an important and pressing issue for Canada right nowCanada is in the process of deciding if we should legalize prostitution as they have done in the Netherlands, or adopt the Nordic model which criminalizes the purchasing of sex (read more about this here!).

Kildonan-St.Paul MP Joy Smith said, “Red Light Green Light provides meaningful and attainable solutions to ending prostitution and sexual exploitation in our nation. It is truly a must watch film for each and every Canadian.”

We invite you to join us at St. Paul’s United Church, 730 James Ave in Beausejour on Thursday, April 24 at 7 pm. We will watch Red Light Green Light and after the film, there will be refreshments and a chance to discuss the film and the implications for our communities, as well as a time to ask questions of the filmmakers.

Filmmakers, Michelle and Jay Brock

Filmmakers, Michelle and Jay Brock

This is an excellent opportunity for our communities, including high school students! It is a chance for them to learn more about the Canadian law-making process and experience political engagement. It is also a rare chance to meet with documentary filmmakers who are championing social justice on a national level.

Feel free to print out the Red Light Green Light detailed poster as many times as you want and display it for all to see! Check out the movie trailer and you can also join our facebook event  and share it with your friends!

We hope that you will join us for this unique opportunity!


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