Overview of information regarding sexual assault in Canada

What should someone do after experiencing sexual assault?

Manitoba Resources

Manitoba Justice – You Have Options: Help After Sexual Assault booklet

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Klinic Community Health Centre – provides a range of health related services from medical care to counselling and education

The Laurel Centre  – counselling to address child sexual abuse

MaMawi Chi Itata Centre – community care programs for Aboriginal families and youth

Sexual Education Resource Centre – promoting sexual health through education

Agape House – family violence emergency shelter and support in Steinbach

Nova House – family violence emergency shelter and support in Selkirk

You Are Not Alone – Manitoba sexual violence resource

Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre and many more!

Legal Info

This is a great booklet that addresses age of consent and consent in general.

The Department of Justice description of age of consent.

Overview of the law regarding sex-related crimes

For all information regarding Canada’s Department of Justice

Victim Services in Manitoba

Medical Info

Tips for medical appointments after sexual assault trauma

Variety of aspects to recovering after sexual assault

Canadian Women’s Health Network


Betrayal Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma

Understanding the variety of effects of sexual assault

Adverse Childhood Experiences – comprehensive research on the consequences of childhood trauma

Empowerment – building empowerment after trauma

The importance of Trauma and Violence-Informed Approaches to policies and practices

Family violence

Manitoba Government Domestic Violence resources

Agape House – family violence emergency shelter and support in Steinbach

Nova House – family violence emergency shelter and support in Selkirk

The Duluth Model Wheels – the various wheels describe patterns of abusive behaviour (power and control wheel) and patterns of healthy relationships (equality wheel)

Family violence in same-sex relationships

You are not Alone – A toolkit for Aboriginal women escaping domestic violence

Internet Safety

Cybertip – Canada’s official tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children

Prevnet – research and resources for bullying prevention

The Law and Cyberbullying in Canada

Legal issues regarding online privacy and security

Wired Safety – online safety, education, and help group

Media Smarts – Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy

Net Smartz – a program of the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

Protect Kids Online – age-specific information on internet safety for parents and educators

Child Sexual Abuse

Canadian Centre for Child Protection – dedicated to the personal safety of all children

Canadian statistics and research on prevalence, consequences, and perpetrators of child sexual abuse

Common questions about how to protect children from abuse

Human Trafficking

Chrysalis Network – Canada’s national human trafficking hotline

Canada’s Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

Canadian statistics about sex trafficking

Resources for helping trafficked persons

Sexual Exploitation

Tracia’s Trust – Manitoba’s response to sexual exploitation

Documentaries – Selling the Girl Next Door and Stalking Amanda: The Man in the Shadows


ConsentEd – defining sexual consent

Project Consent – youth-led media campaigns

Consenting to Tea – an analogy for sexual consent

Consent 101 with Laci Green

Resources for Youth

Kids Help Phone – Canada’s 24/7 counselling and information service for young people

Teen Talk  – Klinic’s youth education program

Need Help Now – helps teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way.

Teen health information

Sex+ – comprehensive and nonjudgmental sex education

Men and Boys

The University of Western Ontario I know someone campaign

White Ribbon is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

The I Am A Kind Man Initiative is to engage the men of our Aboriginal communities to speak out against all forms of abuse towards Aboriginal women.

Support and information for male victims of family violence

Information on male victims of sexualized violence

Preventing violence with early education

How can men help those they know who have experienced sexual assault?

Violence Prevention Training

RespectEd is a series of free online courses offered through the Red Cross

Gender Roles

Gender bread – understanding sex, gender, identity, biology, and attraction

Gender equality in Canada

Gender equality is good for the nation’s economy

Global impact of negative gender stereotypes on girls

Gender inequality is among the root causes of violence

Thought Provoking Campaigns

Who will you help?

Don’t be that guy

This is not an invitation to rape me

We can stop it

Start by Believing


Canadian Women’s Foundation – empowering women and girls in Canada

Centre for Response Based Practice – promote socially just and effective responses to violence

Resolve – prairie-based research network aimed at ending violence

Research from Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services