Day of Pink: Bullying Intervention Saves Lives

Stephanie and her dog Maeby are wearing pink in support of the Red Cross Day of Pink

Stephanie and her dog Maeby are wearing pink in support of the Red Cross Day of Pink

On Wednesday, April 8 all Manitobans are encouraged to wear pink in support of the Red Cross Day of Pink.

Day of Pink is an anti-bullying event that was inspired by two Nova Scotia students who stood up against bullying back in 2007. The students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school after they heard a male classmate had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt.

“Bullying is nasty and can take an enormous toll on those targeted by bullies,” said Stephanie Klassen, Reaching Out Program Coordinator for Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre. “Bullying is a deliberate and repetitive pattern of over-powering someone physically or verbally. It can include any kind of mistreatment, including exclusion, theft, assault, sexual harassment, and online humiliation or blackmail.”

According to Manitoba’s Safe and Caring Schools website, those who are bullied often experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and even thoughts of suicide.

“Because bullying may be a life-threatening situation, children and adults all need to take a stand against bullying,” said Klassen.

Schools across the province increase their level of participation in Day of Pink each year. Students are engaged in putting up posters, wearing pink to school, and planning various awareness raising activities.

“Bullying is not just a kid’s issue. Bullying happens to kids and adults,” said Klassen. “Adults need to set a good example of respectful interactions everywhere we go, and responsible intervention when we see bullying take place.”

Wearing pink on April 8 is one way to symbolically stand up for respect and take a stand against bullying.

“We encourage everyone to participate in Day of Pink. You can get your place of work involved, your family, your friends, your pickleball buddies – everyone plays an important role in creating safe and respectful environments.”

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