Challenge to Local Businesses: Join Pink Day 2016!

Pink-Day-T-Shirt-Option-BApril 13 is the second Pink Day 2016 in Manitoba. The Red Cross is hosting two days this year, the first of which was February 24.

Pink Day has become an annual event to raise awareness about standing up to bullying and supporting those who have been targeted by bullies. It began in Nova Scotia when students wore pink shirts in support of a classmate who had been bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school.

Bullying gets a lot of attention in schools with kids, but adults need to be a huge part of this conversation. Bullying can get very nasty among adults and can include criminal behaviour such as stalking, harassment, and sexual assault.

Research published in 2006 revealed that the most common forms of workplace bullying in Canada are verbal abuse, work being undermined, and belittlement. According to the Canada Safety Council, up to 37% of workers experience some form of bullying and the most likely targets are women in their 40s.

Bullying often leads those who are being targeted to seek other employment, along with struggling with anger, frustration, and fear at work.

Survivor’s Hope is challenging businesses to support Pink Day 2016 on April 13. Everyone is encouraged to wear pink to show their support. You can also register your business as a participant with the Red Cross. Each business can also take their participation further.

Review your workplace policies on harassment, talk about bullying in a staff meeting, and do what you can to ensure that all your employees and coworkers feel safe at work and feel safe to come forward if an issue needs to be addressed. Pink Day is a good annual reminder to not let bullying slide and to stand up against it in all forms, for all ages.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has created a short resource guide addressing workplace bullying which many employers may find helpful. The Red Cross also shares information on preventing violence, bullying, and abuse in the workplace.

You can share your pictures of pink workplaces on the Survivor’s Hope facebook page,

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