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Education for Judges?

Manitoba’s provincial government recently decided to not make any changes to the training judges are required to attend regarding sexual assault law. This is in spite of other provinces, like Ontario, enforcing training for all new judges (some would like the training to be mandated to all existing judges). Sexual assault stands out as statistically […]

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Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s SADI Program Starting Again in September

With fall just around the corner, that means that school will be starting up again and Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s SADI Facilitators will be back in the classroom running the SADI Program. The SADI Program offers age-appropriate workshops in grade 6, 8, 10 and 12 classrooms in schools in the North Eastman region. The SADI […]

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SARAH Program Volunteer Training

SARAH Program Sexual Assault Recovery and Healing Volunteering with the SARAH Program will satisfy your strong need to make a difference in your community! SARAH is the sexual assault crisis intervention program in Eastman. SARAH workers provide support to those affected by sexual violence: We provide information to validate experiences.  We provide hope as the […]

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Thank you Lac du Bonnet!

April 19-25 was National Victims of Crime Awareness week. In 2009, nearly 25% of Canadians reported being the victims of crime. Crime in some form or another is likely to impact every single Canadian at some point in our lives. During Victims Week and Sexual Assault Awareness month, we want to draw attention to sexual […]

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Day of Pink: Bullying Intervention Saves Lives

On Wednesday, April 8 all Manitobans are encouraged to wear pink in support of the Red Cross Day of Pink. Day of Pink is an anti-bullying event that was inspired by two Nova Scotia students who stood up against bullying back in 2007. The students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school […]

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Red Light Green Light Film Event!

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre is hosting a documentary film screening in Beausejour and we invite you to join us! The documentary film we are bringing to Beausejour is called Red Light Green Light. It is the journey of two filmmakers seeking out answers about how to best help those who are sexually exploited. I am […]

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events

Sexual Assault Awareness Month creates an opportunity to learn about so many different dimensions, manifestations, and effects of sexual assault. There are several events taking place in Manitoba that are aimed at better equipping us all to support victims of sexual assault. Red Light Green Light documentary film screening in Beausejour, MB on April 24 […]

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Day of Pink: Bullying Awareness for School and Work

Awareness about bullying and the impact it has on the children involved has increased dramatically over the last decade thanks in part to awareness raising events such as the Day of Pink. The Day of Pink on April 9 is a bullying awareness day presented by the Red Cross. This event was inspired by two […]

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: North Eastman Students Confused About Age of Consent

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Since the 1970s, organizations across North America and around the world have worked to raise awareness about the medical, legal, social, and emotional impacts of sexual assault. Despite decades of activism, many misconceptions about sexual assault remain. Survivor’s Hope recently surveyed high school students in North Eastman found that […]

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International Women’s Week

You may have heard of International Women’s Day but did you know that March 2 – 8 is International Women’s Week? This is a week for all the world to celebrate women and their unique experiences. The first International Women’s Day took place in the early 1900’s in the US when women were fighting for […]

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