Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre

Sexual assault is any unwanted act of a sexual nature imposed by one or more persons on another person of any age and any sex.

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Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre’s primary role is to support survivors and secondary victims of sexual assault. The organization works closely with regional service providers to ensure sexual assault survivors and secondary victims in north-eastern Manitoba receive the best possible support for healing. We provide this support through our SARAH Program.
We also recognize the importance of information sharing to address the myths and misinformation that support sexual violence and relationship abuse. Survivor’s Hope engages community members of all ages in conversations through workshops, presentations, the Internet, radio, and publications. We partner with service providers, service groups, schools and businesses to keep the conversation going. The conversation is supported through our SADI Program and our Reaching Out Program.
Sexual violence and relationship abuse affects all of us. Information helps us recognize the problem; conversation gets us working together to solve the problem.